Small Group Personal Training Memberships

SGPT is a unique, innovative and cost effective way of getting and staying fit!

SGPT membership allows you unlimited access to all of our small group personal training sessions which are scheduled daily between Monday and Saturday, between the hours of 5.30 am and 7.00 pm. The group sessions are designed to cater for all levels of fitness and experience.

So what exactly do I get for my Membership?

  • Unlimited access to all Group Personal Training Sessions per week, as per our published Group Timetable
  • An initial Health and Fitness Consultation to determine your current level of fitness and physical condition (includes fitness test, biometric analysis, body measurements and objective setting)
  • Ongoing Health and Fitness progress assessments (by appointment).


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:Is the Health and Fitness Assessment an option?
A: If you have already had one with us, then yes, it is optional. However, you may want to have a review to see how you are progressing. If you haven't had a Health and Fitness Assessment before, then No, it's not optional, you must have a Health & Fitness Assessment upon taking out a membership. We want to ensure we get a good snapshot of where you are today and make sure there are no underlying health issues and establish your baseline. That way we can monitor your progress both positive or negative. This is one of the key differences between Core Principles and a normal gym membership or class. We actually want to monitor your progress to motivate you to keep pushing yourself!

Q: Is Membership a good deal?
A: Well, it depends on what you are looking for! If you want to avoid the crownds, ongoing support and fitness tracking, a small, dedicated studio where you have some say in what happens, superior trainers and the best facilities and equipment, then the answer is simple: We believe this is the best value and most innovative Health and Fitness membership in the marketplace today!

Q: Are you a gym?
A: No. We have the latest and most advanced equipment available, set in a premium environment, but we are not a gym. Core Principles is a Personal Training Studio which offers cost effective small group training as an addition to our one, two or three on one personal training sessions.

Q: Can I access the studio outside the group or individual PT sessions?
A: No, as a studio, we run our business based on appointments for personal training and scheduled group sessions. This way, our Personal and Group Training clients do not compete for equipment like you might in a typical, large scale gym.

Q: Who will do my Health and Fitness Assessments once I get started?
A: Your PT will encourage you to book in to your assessments on a timely basis. Any of our PT's can conduct the review, however, if you have a preference, then it is simply a matter of availability and making sure you let us know you have a preffered trainer. Otherwise, we all follow the same protocol's and are all fully qualified.

This is not an exhaustive list of Q & A's, so if there are any we have missed, please let us know.

Otherwise, what are you waiting for, JUMP IN!!

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  • On Track

    On Track

    I have been a client of Core Principles for close to 3 years. At the time of joining Core Principles I found myself nudging 40, feeling the effects of juggling a desk job and 3 young children.