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We hire the most experienced and talented Personal Trainers in the industry. This means you get the benefit of years of Personal Training experience and the knowledge that you will achieve the results you are looking for, whether that be weight loss, strengthening and fitness or injury rehabilitation. Speak to one of our Personal Trainers today about a tailored Group or Personal Training program to suit your individual needs.

Weight Loss

Achieve your weight goals with a Personal Training program designed by one of our highly experienced Personal Trainers.

Strength & Fitness

Our Personal Training Programs are designed to build strength, stamina, reslilience and fitness.

Injury & Rehabilitation

Our Personal Trainers have extensive rehab and injury management experience and will get you back to peak condition.

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Our Happy Clients

  • Half Ironman

    Half Ironman

    I couldn't have done it without Core Principles!

    Sue, Ivanhoe East

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  • Weight and Blood Sugars Down

    Weight and Blood Sugars Down

    I have been watching my diet and with the exercise I have managed to lose 8 kilograms and have lowered my A1C sugar levels from as high as 10.8 down to 7.2!

    Charlie, Ivanhoe

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  • Focusing on ME!

    Focusing on ME!

    I have always tried to keep fit and healthy but with three children and a business it has been difficult to block out time for myself.
    Joining Core Principles marked a big change in my life and has helped me to prioritise me!

    Melinda, Ivanhoe East

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  • Couch Potato

    Couch Potato

    I joined Core Principles to help get rid of my baby weight and I'm pleased to say that nearly 3 years on Gene and the team have helped me keep it off!

    Joanne, Ivanhoe

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  • Before and After

    Before and After

    Many of our members achieve amazing results when they are prepared to persist. Occasionally, we get to train a member that goes on to completely transform their life. David is one of these individuals.

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  • Motivated


    Core Principles is all about focus. Focus on the individual fitness and well-being goals of the members.

    Rory, Camberwell

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  • Life Changes

    Life Changes

    I experienced a difficult change in my life 18 months ago and I was looking for something to focus on in my life.

    Georgy from Cheltenham

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  • On Track

    On Track

    I have been a client of Core Principles for close to 3 years.
    At the time of joining Core Principles I found myself nudging 40, feeling the effects of juggling a desk job and 3 young children.

    Nicola, Ivanhoe East

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  • Me now!

    Me now!

    Simone decided to stop the merry go round and ask for help from the right people.
    She has now lost 22kgs and is still going.
    Simone shares her journey in the hope it will inspire others who to seek the right help.

    Simone, Ivanhoe East

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  • My journey to a healthier life

    My journey to a healthier life

    My journey to a healthier life has been anything but easy, and that is because changing your life doesn’t happen overnight.

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