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Meet Maddie!

Growing up I was heavily involved in sport, enjoying netball, running, swimming, athletics, and dancing. At age 13 I decided I was going to become a professional dancer and my heart was set. Little did I know that journey would bring me from Auckland, New Zealand across to Melbourne at age 17, eager to pursue my dancing dreams. 

I moved in with a girl I'd only met once before and so began the complete 'adulting' experience and full-time dance training. I spent 3 years at Transit Dance dancing 5 days a week, majoring in contemporary dance. Although those years were both physically and mentally incredibly demanding, they were also equally as rewarding and fulfilling. I have always loved dancing but have recently decided to take a step back in order to pursue my studies and enjoy a break from the intensity of the 'dance world'. Currently I'm studying at Deakin University completing a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science in which I'll graduate in 2024.

People often ask me if I'll ever move back to NZ and my answer is always that I couldn't imagine leaving the life I have here. I have been lucky enough to meet such lovely people and create such wonderful relationships that have become family. Although NZ is beautiful and where all my family is, nothing beats Melbourne's vibrant vibe and what I've created here. But, in saying this I will always wear black and white for any sports game between Aus and NZ, (no exceptions!!).

I am without a doubt a cat person and adore all things cats and no dog or puppy will ever change my mind on that. I also adore long walks in the sunshine (or at dusk) and just having a good old chat with my favourite people. 

In my spare time I love getting into the gym as much as I can and moving my body. Coming from the dance world where there is such a large emphasis placed upon body shape and aesthetics, I've had to work hard to rebuild a better relationship with my body and exercise. These days this has grown to where I am now grateful for the many ways I am able to move my body and feel empowered by lifting heavy weights and being muscular.

I've recently gotten back into netball and play socially with a team of people I meet through an app once a week, and I can definitely say I've loved rediscovering my competitive side.

I am fortunate to be really close with both of my parents and through moving out and covid, facetime has become one of my best friends and makes the world of difference when you don't get to see your family very often.

I look forward to training and getting to know you all over my time here, as well as discovering your least favourite exercises so I can program them in for you! 

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Wednesday, 24 April 2024