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Resistance Training - Empowering Women Both Physically and Mentally

Empowering Women Both Physically and Mentally

Are you a female thinking about diving into some resistance training? Or do you already incorporate strength and conditioning work into your fitness routine?

If so, you're definitely not alone.

Recent data has shown that women are taking part in strength training and weightlifting at unprecedented rates.

Between 2016 and 2022 the number of females participating in amateur weightlifting increase five-fold, while the number of women taking part in high-intensity strength and conditioning activities such as group classes and personal training doubled.

Women are reporting that this upward trend has increase their confidence in their bodies and gifted them a sense of empowerment.

But the benefits are more than just mental.. experts say that women picking up a sport or hitting the gym could have long-lasting effects, and that strength training is crucial for women's long term health.

You see resistance training doesn't just strengthen muscles, it also helps keep joints stable and improves bone density which greatly reduces the likelihood in fractures.

So why isn't everyone pumping iron?

One of the reasons some women are cautious about starting a resistance training program is they don't want to put on too much muscle or get 'too bulky'.

Dr Mandy Hagstrom, an exercise scientist from the University of New South Wales, explains that for most women this won't be an issue. Her research has shown that women on average struggle to put on muscle mass.

For example, in one of her studies, a three-month strength training program caused females to gain only 1.5 kilograms of muscle while losing half a kilogram of fat.

Worried that age may be a factor? Well worry no more. In Dr Hagstrom's view, it's never too late to start resistance training. Not to mention, Dr Hagstrom says strength training is the gold standard for preserving bone mineral density and offsetting muscle mass loss through menopause.

We mentioned earlier the positive effects weight lifting has on bone density, well as women reach menopause bone density is decreased, so the stronger their bones are going into this phase, the better they will fare.

So ladies, what are you waiting for? 

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