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Mums & Dads

Keeping up with the kids can feel like you’ve run a marathon! However, if you are struggling just getting your sneakers on, you’ve probably already worked out that you are missing out on all the fun. Don’t just keep up with the kids, get engaged, get involved and enjoy the moment. We can get you fit enough to keep up with even the most active children! Ask us how!

Older Adults

Getting older doesn’t mean having to stop enjoying life!! In fact, if you are retired, you probably have more time on your hands to do all the things you’ve always wanted to do! Your fitness, in particular, mobility, strength and balance, are going to be key ingredients in an active lifestyle. Our trainers can talk to you about the benefits of exercise and develop the right program considering your current level of fitness and your health objectives.

So, don't wait any longer, give us a call and we'll get the right program together for you to extract more out of your day!


The temptations for an inactive lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits continues to increase as our children get saturated with advertising for the latest computer games or snack foods. Meanwhile, we seem to see less kids out kicking the football, playing netball or just riding their bikes. As our lifestyles get busier our kids are becoming less active, hence the spiralling rate of obesity.

Creating healthy habits and attitudes towards activity in childhood is critical for developing children’s long-term view of physical activity.

We can create individualised programs for children and adolescents or we can get the whole family involved in our Fit Families program.

As for adults, exercise is just as important for children and has many of the same benefits, but specifically for children, the benefits include:
  • Building stronger bones and muscles
  • Reduce likelihood of becoming over weight
  • Decreases the risk of developing Type II diabetes
  • Encourages a better outlook on life
  • Improves self esteem and confidence
Children and adolescents should be encouraged to participate in a variety of activities on a day-to-day basis to develop the three components of fitness.
  • Developing Stamina: this can be developed through regular and continuous aerobic activity which strengthens the heart and improves the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to all of its cells.
  • Developing Strength: this can be developed through strengthening activities. For children and adolescents, functional strength activities will help strengthen their muscles, making it easier for them to lift, move and throw more confidently.
  • Developing Suppleness: which can be developed through regular stretching activity to make them more flexible, allowing their muscles and joints to bend and move easily through their full range of motion.


Our programs are flexible and can be designed around the busiest professionals. We have highly focused 30 minute sessions if time is your greatest constraint. So being busy does not have to get in the way of being fit and healthy.

Remember the old adage 'healthy body, healthy mind'? If stress and pressure are a part of your daily routine, the best antidote is exercise. We will design a program tailored to your current needs to ensure you achieve the best possible results in the shortest amount of time, allowing you to get on with all the other demands placed on you.

Don't leave your health to chance, take control by employing professionals that will deliver results.

Did you know....exercise is often prescribed by medical practitioners to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression?