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Blake Mills

I grew up in regional Victoria with a big passion for sport, playing basketball all across Victoria. After high school I decided to take the step and move to Melbourne and attend University to complete my Bachelors degree of Exercise and Sports Science.

My goal is to show show clients that gyms aren’t all big and scary, while providing a space where you can feel comfortable, enjoy a workout and have a friendly chat.

Now that I've finished my bachelors degree, I now want to apply the knowledge that I have learned and be able to pass it on to others. Building a gym program that is going to be specific to the client as everyone moves a little differently, but also building up a connection between all the members and staff of the gym.

Each day I have 1 goal I set out to achieve and that is “Being 1% better than I was yesterday is the goal for today”. It doesn't take much, just going for a walk, learning new skills. Anything that is going to add to my ability to be a little bit better.


  • Diploma of Sport (Sport Development) Swinburne University/Richmond Institute 2020
  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science, Swinburne university 2023