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Gene Alessi

Personal Trainer

I am a passionate, focused and motivated fitness professional. I bring many years of experience from the corporate sector having performed a number of senior management roles. This means, I have lived through the long hours, poor diet, extra few reds after a stressful day, too little sleep and still survived to tell the tale!

My experience working with many high performing and often stressed out individuals has lead me to a career which assists others achieve a balanced and sustainable lifestyle, while still thriving in a hectic, stressful and sometimes crazy world!

My focus is in building excellent functional strength and stamina, with a focus on nutrition and weight management. I believe the most fundamental part of weight management is to educate you on the role of diet and nutrition in context of your overall health and fitness strategy. Nutrition will form a large part of your transformation.

I will work with you to ensure you get the right exercise program and nutrition startegy in place to achieve your goals.

Professional summary

  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
  • Bachelor of Business (Business Administration)
  • Personal Trainer (Cert III & IV in Fitness)


  • Functional Training and Advanced Core Conditioning
  • Applied Nutrition for Enhanced Body Composition
  • Level 1 Boxing Certificate
  • Level 1 Australian Football League Coach (01742665)