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Personal Training

Whether you are trying to get back into shape or reaching for an improved level of heatlh, fitness and performance, there is no doubt the right Personal Trainer will help you achieve your goals.

Our Personal Trainers will assess your specific objectives, whether that be weight loss, building strength, speed or endurance and build a unique program for you, based on your current capabilities and your objectives.

Your Personal Trainer will:

  • Conduct a detailed Health Consultation, to asses your current health, fitness and capability
  • Help develop measurable and timely fitness objectives
  • Develop your own unique and targeted Personal Training Program
  • Assess your nutritional needs and recommend sustainable changes to your eating habits
  • Teach you the correct and optimal technique for all exercises, to reduce risk of injury and increase results
  • Monitor your progress against your agreed objectives
  • Motivate and inspire you to push through your perceived limitations
  • Help you meet your objectives!